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DNA - Nobel Price

In the autumn of 1951, James Watson and Francis Crick started work on unravelling the structure of DNA. 

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Eustice DNA project.

During the past three months, the Eustace Families Association has initiated a Y Chromosome DNA Project. Thus far, we have tested some 35 namesakes who descend from Cornish, English and Irish Eustace/Eustice/Eustis families.
More than 20 of these are members of the Irish family. We have learned much already and are only in the beginning stages of the project. For example, we have more than a dozen Eustis/Eustice/Eustace descendents of a County Longford family whose DNA profile matches exactly or almost exactly on 16 of 16 DNA markers. These individuals live in Argentina, Ireland and several US states.

County Clare

 We have four descendents of a County Clare family that match each other on 16 of 16 markers. They live in Australia, Ireland and Michigan and Oklahoma, USA and were totally unaware of each other before this project. The Clare and Longford groups have very similar DNA profiles matching on 15 of 16 markers. Assuming there was a common Eustace ancestor, it is most likely that that individual lived in County Kildare before Cromwell's Resettlement in 1659.

We have other participants from County Fermanagh and Dublin. Their profile is different from the Clare and Longford groups.

We have 12 participants of a Cornwall family. Ten of the participants match on 16 of 16 markers while two others have slightly different profiles. We need more participants fom Cornish and English Eustace families to determine if there are DNA similarities between the various families. The results will also help us confirm paternal relationships and provide clues as to where the various families originated in the British Isles and Ireland.

Take the DNA Test

The cost for the DNA test is US$75. I would like to send you a kit. The test is very simple and involves a mouth swab with a Q-Tip (cotton swab). Are you interested in learning more. Participants must be Eustace descendents on the paternal side; the Y chromosome is passed relatively unchanged from father to son. I can send the kit, all that I need is your mailing address.

Ronald F. Eustice
Eustace Families Assoc


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