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Eustice family in New Jersey

My father and his brothers and sisters in NJ                                              Raymond

Our Eustice family in New Jersey.  To the right you can see my father Raymond.  Uncle Charlie past away before picture was taken

Eustice family in Ireland

When the Anglo-Normans began to settle in Ireland, they initially ignored the established Gaelic system for developing of patronymic names, and relied on their own traditional naming practices. Eventually, however, the two differing customs drew upon one another to some degree. 

The Anglo-Normans, unlike their Gaelic neighbors, frequently used nickname surnames. These Anglo-Norman nicknames were frequently of two types: "oath names" and "imperative names." Oath names often carried blessings or were formed from habitual expressions. Imperative names, formed from a verb added to a noun or an adverb, metaphorically described the bearer's occupations. 

The nick name surname Eustice is derived from a nickname for a Iustas, indicating a fruitful person. This perhaps refers to someone with many offspring, or with extraordinary agricultural or material wealth. The Latin form Eustachius was originally derived from a Greek word which means fruitful.

Spelling variations include: Eustace, Eustice, Eustes, Eustach, Eustis and others.

Motto Translated: Why persecutest thou me?.


Eustice DNA test

We got the DNA test and it shows that we closely match the County Clare group.  Also match that group on 15 of 16 markers and are one space off on that marker. Our profile also closely matches the Longford group with 14 of 16 markers matching and only one space off on those two. This does not necessarily tell us that our ancestors are from County Clare, but it does indicate that there probably are common ancestors with the Clare and probably Longford groups. Our profile is unique from the other two groups, i.e Kieran's (Fermanagh) group (EY_5) and Daniel and his son Chris (Dublin)  Read more down below......


Patrick Eustice

My father made a phone call to Bob M in South Plainfield.  Here is his answer:

I had no luck finding any burial of Patrick Eustice in the Fairview Cemetery. There was a Theodore Eustice buried there, though. He died in 1892 at the age of 50. I don't know what relationship he would have been to Patrick. I was wondering if you knew anything about him.
The first address I saw for Patrick in the 1885-86 directory had him living on Sussex Street, across from Elmer. I don't think that street exists any more. In 1901 they had him living at 145 Central Avenue. In 1902 Ricchard is listed at 145 Central and Thomas P. at 36 Sussex. Somehow in 1903 they switched places. Richard is listed as living in Sussex and Thomas at 145 Central. In 1910 Richard is at 211 Sussex and Thomas P. and Thomas P. Jr. are at 433 Central.
It is possible that during this period the town renumbered ther streets and that would account for the change in numbers.
We've hit a dead end at this point. Is Patrick on any earlier census like 1870? Let us know if you have any other information about him as to when he would have arrived here from Ireland.


What we know:

Our papers shows that Eustice, Doyle, O`Neal and Force are related thru marriage some sort of way.  We know that the Eustice family comes from Ireland, but we don`t know which city or county.  Do you have the key to the missing link?

In New Jersey census, Westfield township,Union county, 10th day of august 1870. John O`Neal 50 years born Ireland,  Mary O’Neal 30 years born Ireland,  Margaret  4 years born NY NewYorkElizabeth  2 years born New Jersey.  Mary O’Neal is said to be from Castlecomer Ireland?    

There is a John O’Neal arrivel date 10 jan. 1852 from Ireland ship name Waterton, New York line 29. 

  • Margaret O`Neal born in New York 1866 - daughter  (died - 1923)
  • Mary O`Neal born 1840 in Ireland - mother.  What is her maiden name and ++
  • John O`Neal born 1820 in Ireland - father.  Which city or county in Ireland?

Margaret O’Neal married Thomas Patrick Eustice.

Parents of John, Richard, "Thomas Patrick" and William Eustice:  (born between 1858 - 1867)

  • Patrick Eustice born 1835 in Ireland
  • Mary (Bridget) Eustice born 1835 in Ireland - not sure if her name was Bridget?

Wants to know:

  • Parents of Patrick Eustice + City or County in Ireland
  • Parents of Mary (Bridget) Eustice + City or County in Ireland

Thomas Patrick Eustice is my fathers grandfather

Steven Michael Eustice b.1898 is son of Richard Eustice b.1862


EY_39 Henry J 

16 16 13 13 25 25 # # 15 15 # 15 # 14 # # # # # 11 # 26 # # 12 12 14 14 11 # 20 20 Henry John Australia

EY_54 Raymond 

16 16 13 13 25 25 # # 15 15 # 15 # 14 # # # # # 11 # 26 # # 12 12 14 14 12 # 20 20 Raymond


16 16 13 13 25 25 # # 15 15 # 15 # 14 # # # # # 11 # 25 # # 12 12 14 14 11 # 20 20 James Eustace of Troy, NY


15 15 13 13 25 25 # # 15 15 # 15 # 14 # # # # # 11 # 25 # # 12 12 14 14 11 # 20 20 Bill Eustice R1a 94% Jones, Michigan


Eustice family - Ireland



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